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Where your fear is - there is your task.

Carl Jung

About me
About me

I’m Anna Severino and I am an accredited psychotherapist and counsellor with over 10 years experience providing psychological care to individuals, adolescents, couples, and groups in Sydney's South West and North Western suburbs.

I offer my clients a calm, welcoming, and non-judgmental environment in South West Sydney, where we can work on improving your mental health and wellbeing, and assist you to make positive changes in your life.

Along with a degree in Social Science, I have undertaken extensive postgraduate psychotherapy training and I am a Clinical Member of the Psychotherapist and Counsellors Federation of Australia (PACFA).

Over the last decade I have worked in various clinical settings, psychiatric facilities, drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinics, eating disorder clinics, and correctional facilities. I have also worked with Relationships Australia with women experiencing family and domestic violence.  In addition, I am a registered provider for counselling services with Victim Services NSW. 

A doctor’s referral or mental health care plan is not required to attend my practice. I am a provider for several health funds including BUPA, Medibank, HCF and AHM, and an associate partner with employee assistance program (EAP) organisations including Converge International, Access EAP, and Acacia. 

My practice is located within Soma Wellness Centre at Gregory Hills in South West Sydney. I service the entire region including the Liverpool, Fairfield, Campbelltown and Camden, local government areas as well as Western Sydney and Sydney metro.

Woodland Path

“In our work together, I facilitate a unique therapeutic process for you. This is a safe space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings. The therapeutic relationship offers you a container for you to process your past experiences, and your current lived experiences.  This process of bringing the unconscious into conscious awareness will help you bring about lasting change." Anna Severino

Lotus in Bloom
Practice services

My extensive psychotherapy and counsellng experience enables me provide support with a variety of clinical presentations including:

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Trauma (relational and post-traumatic stress)

  • Couples and relationship therapy

  • Separation and divorce

  • Perinatal and postnatal depression

  • Parenting issues

  • Drug and alcohol addiction and rehabilitation

  • Process addiction i.e. sex and love addiction 

  • Loss and grief

  • Eating Disorders and body image issues including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and body dysmorphic disorder

  • Personality disorders

  • Adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

  • Chronic/acute pain and illness management

  • General mental health issues.

If you're struggling in any of these areas, I can help you improve your psychological wellbeing.


Individual psychotherapy

I work with you to explore your relational patterns, to help you to better understand your inner life and the dynamics you bring to your relationships. Together, we will safely examine repetitive behavioural and relational patterns that have led to dissatisfying, and or, broken relationships.

The primary emphasis on our work together is to provide you with a space to gain deeper insight into your experiences, behaviours and relationships. You begin to observe your feelings, thoughts, behaviours and your relationships with greater awareness. This awareness is what leads to change.

Couples therapy

I work with couples who are seeking support for long-term or short-term couples counselling. Some clients come to me in crisis and require intensive couples therapy, others come in with long-standing relational issues that require a reflective and observational space.

There are times in a relationship where it feels that you're too close to the issue to make sense of the situation. I facilitate a space that is safe and challenging at the same time. This space allows the couple to express, listen and hear in ways that felt too difficult.

Couples therapy can feel very daunting to begin with, and it can be confronting, however I believe that love and relationships are a vital part of life, and is therefore worth investing in.

My style

I am passionate about helping people ease their emotional discomfort and pain, and develop the knowledge and tools to live a brighter, more fulfilling life.

Psychotherapy and counselling sessions are 50 minutes in duration and I work with individuals, teenagers, couples, and psychotherapy process groups, specialising in short-term counselling for life’s crises, and longer-term psychotherapy.

Making the choice to attend therapy can be difficult for some people. You can be assured my sessions offer you a confidential, compassionate, and safe space, to work through the issues that are negatively impacting you.

I work with you to understand your current situation, and develop the skills to improve your mental health and wellness, grow, adapt and thrive.

My Style


“Anna went deep and looked at triggering factors which caused my anxiety and insomnia. The band aid was peeled off, bottled up emotions were let out, it hurt but with her caring approach she taught me not to hide behind a smile and to be genuine. Best thing that I walked away with from Anna’s counselling was the change of mind frame in thinking  ‘what if’ to ‘even if’ and not to be so apologetic for everything I said. " HM

Anna was really helpful for me after the tragic loss of a loved one. I had seen a previous psychologist elsewhere and it was just not a good fit. Anna is kind, caring and very understanding which I found very comforting. She has given me tools to work on my grief and also invaluable life skills. I highly recommend Anna." Veronica

"I have found talking with Anna extremely helpful. After years of struggling to connect with counsellors and psychologists I found Anna heard and understood me from the first meeting. While friendly and accomodating Anna also kept me accountable and working on the primary issues." Andrew

"I always feel Anna's approach to psychotherapy is tailored to me as an individual. She goes above and beyond, reflecting outside our sessions, on ways to help me connect with myself in a more compassionate way. It's the consistency of our sessions that's helped me build a solid foundation of self-care and love. This foundation aides in understanding my emotions; to honour them, ultimately feeling less consumed by them. would highly recommend Anna for her natural instinct to go-deeper whilst nurturing through it." Hayley


One day or day one. You decide.



0418 400 137


Soma Wellness Centre, First Floor, Suite 11a,

7 Gregory Hills  Drive, Gledswood Hills NSW 2557

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PACFA Membership No. 22875

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